When you travel, your health goes with you

A pre-travel consultation will help to decrease your risk of food, water and mosquito borne illnesses and increase your overall wellbeing while traveling.

We will ensure that you are up to date on all your vaccinations.

Our Travel Wellness Clinic health care sites have been designated as Yellow Fever Vaccination Centres by the Public Health Agency of Canada

Prescription and non-prescription medications that can be considered for prevention and treatment of diseases that could be acquired abroad.


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Pre-Travel Screening Form - Please complete prior to your appointment.

Did you know...

22 - 64% of travelers to the developing world report health problems. Approximately 8% or 4 million travelers seek medical care while abroad or after returning home.
Approximately 50% of those going to developing countries will experience traveler's diarrhea.
30,000 travelers will come home with malaria each year.